The Good: The ATC3k action camera has a wider camera lens, means more action on camera, the ATC3k can be used as a webcam for skype, plus the 4Gb capacity is great as it means that you can get up to 2hrs recording

The Bad: It looks just like the ATC2K – just black…

The Action Cameras Bottom Line: For just a little more in price, you get a lot more with the ATC3k so it’s a must for anyone wanting to film their extreme sports at a reasonable price.

Oregon scientific

At first glance the ATC3k could easily be confused with its predecessor the ATC2K, this is because it does look the same it’s just been disguised in black but this black beauty shouldn’t be underrated! It’s only £10 more than the ATC2K but the extra value that you get from the innovatively updated features adds up to much more!

Cold weather sleve

helmetIf you know ATC2K than you already know the basics of the ATC3K; 3 meter waterproofing, shockproof, and all the rest of the standard specs that we’ve come to expect from extreme sports cameras. But obviously the ATC3K has some great new features that set it above the ATC2K:

The ATC3K has a wider field of view of 48 degrees (the ATC2K has 42 degrees)

The ATC3K can be used as a webcam when attached to a PC and as a viewfinder when connected to your TV. It even comes with a web-cam stand.

And probably best of all, it can take up to a 4Gb SD memory card which means that you can now get recordings of up to 2 hrs!

 ATC3k action camera handle

There are also some accessories being released for the ATC3K. A Handle mount will allow your to firmer grip when you are using handheld camera. We all know how cold eats up the battery so with that in mind, there is the cold weather sleeve that will help you with that too.

ATC3k action camera

In just a couple of weeks, ATC3k action camera will be launched. So far, this little piece of tech equipment has passed all out demos and tests and this sports camera is a really great piece of kit that you can use in any situation. It really has an amazing performance and it works perfectly.