GoPro File Formats

GoPro File Formats

There can be no doubt that the footage you can capture on the GoPro HD cameras is nothing short of amazing, but editing the footage is often a source of considerable frustration. If you have got the latest and greatest computer to work with (e.g. very powerful quad core PC), then you will probably be OK to edit the raw footage as long as your editor can work with the mp4 format, but more moderately powered machines often struggle with the processing power required.

You could spend £1000s on upgrading your computer, but there are ways to get around the issues and we wanted to share some advice about how to convert your raw footage into the finished article. When you use the GoPro HD, the video is recorded as mp4 using h.264 encoding. As there is a lot of data captured in HD footage, the file sizes are typically large. Formats and containers are very confusing but think of ‘mp4’ as an envelope/wrapper that contains data.

HD footage

The h.264 video compression standard is highly compressed for efficient playback but is less than ideal for editing as it is a ‘lossy’ format and image data is lost during compression. One of the first things to try if your editing software refuses the raw footage is to use Quicktime Pro to save the file as a .mov. The data itself is still h.264 and you shouldn’t see any loss in quality. Just convert or transcode the footage into a format that will work.

Unfortunately, this will almost always have an impact on the quality but it doesn’t have to be too bad and you will lose far more detail/quality when uploading to the web (if you share a video that way). The best software available to do this is currently Cineform Neoscene. This will transcode the file into a less optimized format that will then be able to be edited in almost all editing software suites. The quality from Neoscene is excellent but be prepared for very large file sizes – the file size often increases by more than 5 times the original size.

video tutorial

If budgets don’t permit considering Neoscene, then we would recommend MPEG Streamclip which is an excellent free tool that works with an incredible range of file formats and will also allow you to edit 60FPS footage if you have been using the GoPro HD in that mode.

The editing

The editing options are more limited than a full editing suite because there are some restraints when it comes to options only. You can always use MPEG Streamclip if you need to trim out some particular parts from raw unfiltered footage that you do not need in the original clip. It is good also for the initial cutting and you can save a .mov file, just make sure that your editor supports that format. This way, you can work with smaller files and that can only make your performance better. MPEG Streamclip will allow your footage to get into editing software.

GoPro or go home

GoPro or go home

Do you want to excel in your area, to show yourself in best possible light, to show all the moves that you know? In that case, you need to try to GoPro cameras immediately. You will be surprised how many videos were taken by this camera. William Arnold is the first among them, and he is certainly one of the best in this area. All his moves are presented in the best possible and the most realistic light. You can see the most sophisticated moves, even the hidden ones, that you cannot see as a regular spectator.

All the amenities and possibilities of GoPro cameras

First of all, we need to highlight the speed of cameras zoom. You can capture a second and still avoid your picture to be blurry. Besides this, it also goes with voice control in order not to spoil the moment. Even if you are under the water or you are surfing and chasing the waves, you will be able to take pictures in the exact moment when you decided to do it. How many times have you wanted to catch the moment and not to spoil it then this is the best option for you? You will stop wasting your time and have the time of your life.

Disadvantages of GoPro cameras



Like with any other devices here you can also find some flaws. The biggest one is the sluggish image in most cases. It will only happen if you are buying low-quality cameras. With all models of Hero, this is not the case, and you can rest assured that the picture will be more than impeccable. The ability of the zoom and resolution will affect the quality of your picture, and we can assure that with Hero models you won’t have any problems with this.

Where to buy GoPro cameras

The good news is that you can get your GoPro camera literary everywhere. You can buy it in the nearest store, or you can purchase it online. It is up to you to decide which way is the most appropriate to you. If you are somebody that likes to try the device before you buy it then avoid online shopping. Online shopping is for someone who is familiar with performances of devices and someone who can see according to those performances if the device is something that will suit you and your needs.

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