X170 Review

X170 Review

Action Cameras Review of the X170 from Drift Innovation

The Good: DVD Quality Footage + 170º lens + Wireless RF Remote + 1.5 Screen = WOW!

The Bad: Its a little bulky but this is understandable as it is housing the screen as well as all the regular helmet camera technologies.

The Action Cameras Bottom Line: The X170 is the first camera to tick every single box that we want to tick when deciding on a helmet cam to buy. Read below to see how much is packed into this small cam. Weve tested it to the limits, showed our friends the amazing quality video, and have loved every second of it. We highly recommend this Action Camera!


The Drift Innovation X170 Action Camera one of the best all-round helmet cameras for filming any extreme sport that we have come across. Designed to take high quality point-of-view photos and videos of all action sports such as skiing, mountain biking, motorbiking and any other extreme sport that you can think of. The Drift Innovation catch phrase sums it all up; Capture and Relive all of your Action Sports!. Available from Avtion Cameras for just £199.99 this is fantastic value for money!

The X170 has ticked every single box that we want in an extreme sports camera! Lets have a quick look at some of the headline features:

* The X170 delivers DVD quality video and 5Mp photographs,

* These functions can be controlled by a wireless RF remote control,

* A 1.5 screen helps you to line up the perfect shot and to show off your video right away,

* Memory expansion up to 8Gb on SD card,

* With a wide angle lens of 170º, you will get all the action in your shot,

* All the mounts that you need are provided, plus it has a metal 8mm mount,

* The price tag for all of this is incredible!

driftOne of the first features that youll notice when taking your new X170 out of the box is the 1.5 screen. We found that having a screen on the camera itself is a seriously useful function to have for two main reasons; firstly you can line up the best angle when mounting the camera so that you dont get home after a long day out expecting to see brilliant videos only to find that you have been filming blue sky. Secondly, and more importantly is watching your videos on the screen straight after youve come off the slope, track, or water with your mates!

With previous narrower angle cameras it was difficult to percieve the speed because the lens only saw the track in front. Now when you can mount a full 170º lens, you can see from the wide angle, not only what is in front of you because this lens gives a wider specter and it is easier to catch the scenes all around you. And the best thing is that 8mm thread.

ATC3k Action Camera Review

ATC3k Action Camera Review

The Good: The ATC3k action camera has a wider camera lens, means more action on camera, the ATC3k can be used as a webcam for skype, plus the 4Gb capacity is great as it means that you can get up to 2hrs recording

The Bad: It looks just like the ATC2K – just black…

The Action Cameras Bottom Line: For just a little more in price, you get a lot more with the ATC3k so it’s a must for anyone wanting to film their extreme sports at a reasonable price.

Oregon scientific

At first glance the ATC3k could easily be confused with its predecessor the ATC2K, this is because it does look the same it’s just been disguised in black but this black beauty shouldn’t be underrated! It’s only £10 more than the ATC2K but the extra value that you get from the innovatively updated features adds up to much more!

Cold weather sleve

helmetIf you know ATC2K than you already know the basics of the ATC3K; 3 meter waterproofing, shockproof, and all the rest of the standard specs that we’ve come to expect from extreme sports cameras. But obviously the ATC3K has some great new features that set it above the ATC2K:

The ATC3K has a wider field of view of 48 degrees (the ATC2K has 42 degrees)

The ATC3K can be used as a webcam when attached to a PC and as a viewfinder when connected to your TV. It even comes with a web-cam stand.

And probably best of all, it can take up to a 4Gb SD memory card which means that you can now get recordings of up to 2 hrs!

 ATC3k action camera handle

There are also some accessories being released for the ATC3K. A Handle mount will allow your to firmer grip when you are using handheld camera. We all know how cold eats up the battery so with that in mind, there is the cold weather sleeve that will help you with that too.

ATC3k action camera

In just a couple of weeks, ATC3k action camera will be launched. So far, this little piece of tech equipment has passed all out demos and tests and this sports camera is a really great piece of kit that you can use in any situation. It really has an amazing performance and it works perfectly.

GoPro Motorsport Review

GoPro Motorsport Review

Advantages of this product are amazing

You can take it anywhere due to its extremely small size. It is more than handy and available to use under the water, and the distortion is more than low. You will enjoy the good white balance. The number of pictures that you can take is enormous compared to its size. You can use it anywhere you go in every pose you intend to take a picture. It can follow you in any extreme sports under the water or above.

These cameras are made for action, and it is a great toy for those who like a racing car, surfing, snowboarding or motorbikes. You will show your audience exactly what they need to see if you want that they experience exactly what you had experienced. There are no more realistic pictures than the ones that had been taken by the regular camera.

Go forward and GoPro

This device can capture whatever you want. It can capture a moment that you find yourself into. Race cars have become very popular, and in most cases every picture that has been taken is performed by this type of camera. GoPro cameras have this accuracy of the footage, and they have this ability to take pictures in a second. No blurry photos anymore.

Flaws of GoPro

motorLike any other device, these cameras have their flaws such as sluggish and soft images, but only if you use lower quality cameras. The thing is that these pictures are adjusted for internet presentation, and the pictures and their resolution is made to be good enough for viewing on the computer and the internet.  No need to use them for any other purpose because you will be very disappointed.

Where you can find these shots the most!

This type of footage you can find on the internet and YouTube and enjoy them in any internet pages. A lot of bloggers who are writing about extreme sports are using goPro cameras to capture their most amazing and outstanding moments. More and more motorbikes are using it to make videos about their journeys and rides all over the country. They are delighted with all the amenities that go with these cameras, such as voice control or one-button simplicity that you can find in Hero Session 5.In car racing, they also use this device, and they claimed that no product could take better pictures than goPro.

Snap chat campaign

No wonder snap decided to make Snap Chat glasses. This company realized how important is to capture a moment. We live more than faster, and everything becomes a moment. We move fast from place to place, and the information is even faster than us. That is why it is so important to catch a moment and to show it to the world. It is exactly what goPro cameras do; they are capturing a moment and allow you to show that particular moment to the world via the internet.