The main reason is the quality of the camera itself. Thanks to this innovation nowadays people do not buy cameras – they constantly stick to their mobiles.

Zoom speed

This device is ideal for any adventure that came up to your mind. It is fast, and it can capture whatever you want while you are moving.


These cameras are ideal for water sports because most of them are waterproof. Voice control, one-button simplicity is often included.

Latest Cameras

Try them out, you’ll like it.

Hero session

Hero session is always ready to use no matter where you go and no matter what you are going to do. Every adventure, even the dangerous one can become amazing if you use this one-button simplicity and compact waterproof design. It is simply to use while you are on the move and to capture the magic of any extreme sport.

Hero session 5

Hero session 5 is a combination of 4k video and one-button simplicity. Voice control is added to make you things easier. It is ideal for water sports thanks to its waterproof design. You can use it in any situation or type of water, in a pool or sea; it won’t harm the quality of your pictures.

Hero Black

Hero Black allows you to play back your shots or to trim your footage. All these options you can find in settings and change them. You will be able to capture your activity in a whole new way; you will be able to capture every single moment no matter what pose you are going to take.

Hero Black 5

The best innovation of this model is voice control option. It allows you to enjoy the moment and still capture it in the most realistic way. Go for the capture and go pro, without thinking where the button is or what pose you need to take. The beauty of a go pro picture is in its spontaneous character.

About our blog

Here you can find everything that you need to know about the newest models before your decide to buy them. You will be able to see go pro reviews and references from another users and people that have already bought one of them. We will try every single model instead of you.


“Well, the only thing that I can tell you is that all my best pictures are taken by this amazing device. I manage to present myself in a real light.”

Marc Meyers, California


“I adore water, and all my pictures are from water. Every time I go surfing I bring my Hero Session and I have no doubts in the magic of my go pro camera.”

Eva B., Michigan


“Everywhere I go, I bring my Hero Session Black. It makes me look like a hero and not a just ordinary surfer. There is no competition without this device. Thanks to it my blog is more than outstanding.”

Anna James, Chelsea


GoPro or go home

GoPro or go home

Do you want to excel in your area, to show yourself in best possible light, to show all the moves that you know? In that case, you need to try to GoPro cameras immediately. You will be surprised how many videos were taken by this camera. William Arnold is the first among them, and he is certainly one of the best in this area. All his moves are presented in the best possible and the most realistic light. You can see the most sophisticated moves, even the hidden ones, that you cannot see as a regular spectator.

All the amenities and possibilities of GoPro cameras

First of all, we need to highlight the speed of cameras zoom. You can capture a second and still avoid your picture to be blurry. Besides this, it also goes with voice control in order not to spoil the moment. Even if you are under the water or you are surfing and chasing the waves, you will be able to take pictures in the exact moment when you decided to do it. How many times have you wanted to catch the moment and not to spoil it then this is the best option for you? You will stop wasting your time and have the time of your life.

Disadvantages of GoPro cameras



Like with any other devices here you can also find some flaws. The biggest one is the sluggish image in most cases. It will only happen if you are buying low-quality cameras. With all models of Hero, this is not the case, and you can rest assured that the picture will be more than impeccable. The ability of the zoom and resolution will affect the quality of your picture, and we can assure that with Hero models you won’t have any problems with this.

Where to buy GoPro cameras

The good news is that you can get your GoPro camera literary everywhere. You can buy it in the nearest store, or you can purchase it online. It is up to you to decide which way is the most appropriate to you. If you are somebody that likes to try the device before you buy it then avoid online shopping. Online shopping is for someone who is familiar with performances of devices and someone who can see according to those performances if the device is something that will suit you and your needs.

GoPro Motorsport Review

GoPro Motorsport Review

Advantages of this product are amazing

You can take it anywhere due to its extremely small size. It is more than handy and available to use under the water, and the distortion is more than low. You will enjoy the good white balance. The number of pictures that you can take is enormous compared to its size. You can use it anywhere you go in every pose you intend to take a picture. It can follow you in any extreme sports under the water or above.

These cameras are made for action, and it is a great toy for those who like a racing car, surfing, snowboarding or motorbikes. You will show your audience exactly what they need to see if you want that they experience exactly what you had experienced. There are no more realistic pictures than the ones that had been taken by the regular camera.

Go forward and GoPro

This device can capture whatever you want. It can capture a moment that you find yourself into. Race cars have become very popular, and in most cases every picture that has been taken is performed by this type of camera. GoPro cameras have this accuracy of the footage, and they have this ability to take pictures in a second. No blurry photos anymore.

Flaws of GoPro

motorLike any other device, these cameras have their flaws such as sluggish and soft images, but only if you use lower quality cameras. The thing is that these pictures are adjusted for internet presentation, and the pictures and their resolution is made to be good enough for viewing on the computer and the internet.  No need to use them for any other purpose because you will be very disappointed.

Where you can find these shots the most!

This type of footage you can find on the internet and YouTube and enjoy them in any internet pages. A lot of bloggers who are writing about extreme sports are using goPro cameras to capture their most amazing and outstanding moments. More and more motorbikes are using it to make videos about their journeys and rides all over the country. They are delighted with all the amenities that go with these cameras, such as voice control or one-button simplicity that you can find in Hero Session 5.In car racing, they also use this device, and they claimed that no product could take better pictures than goPro.

Snap chat campaign

No wonder snap decided to make Snap Chat glasses. This company realized how important is to capture a moment. We live more than faster, and everything becomes a moment. We move fast from place to place, and the information is even faster than us. That is why it is so important to catch a moment and to show it to the world. It is exactly what goPro cameras do; they are capturing a moment and allow you to show that particular moment to the world via the internet.